Gen X biotech was crafted and developed as the bridge between culture and science. We are a cannabis rooted biotech firm focused on genomics, advanced breeding and scalable extraction methods. Our team of passionate and diverse leaders, both in and out of the cannabis industry, joined together to develop an industry leading pharmaceutical grade retail product. By specialization in formulations IP we innovate and create some of the best tasting products in the market, from opening our packaging to tasting our products you will have not doubt of its quality.

Our core product, Molecular Perfection, is enhanced with a unique formulation using Strain specific Cannabis Terpenes giving our brand a refined taste and a unique look that distinguishes GenX on the market. With technology and electronics influencing our lives giving us access to all sorts of data, why are we still guessing what’s in our cannabis medicine? We continued to innovate by creating new types of products like Sauce Pens and Rosin pens in 2017 and into 2018. 

It’s questions like these that ignite our passion for knowledge and to let our actions show that GenX isn’t just vape brand, we are an industry leading biotech company that’s setting the bar of where the industry should be. GenX is a premier cannabis brand that focuses on bridging the gap between cannabis culture & science. With a “first to market” product like Water Clear, an ultra refined distillate, we were the ONLY brand in 2016 and 2017 producing a clean, pesticide free product.