Shea Alderete

Is a passionate and strategic entrepreneur with 20 years experience in the cannabis industry. As a driven leader and visionary he launched GenX and has had success that is only overshadowed by the vision he. has for the future of GenX and the industry. Shea comes from a family o driven entrepreneurs who own and operate a 50 year old family business. His background coupled with his extensive industry knowledge and experience provide the skills sets and advantages necessary to propel GenX into the forefront of the cannabis industry of tomorrow. 

David Marler

Our CMO, comes from a entreprenurial background starting with his first race horse transportation company at 18, building it from a $20k investment to sales revenue of over $150k with in the first year. His deep connection to cannabis came from helping a close immediate family member in treating their life altering health condition. This redirected him to make a strategy exit from his transportation company and relocate to California. He is also an extremely talented networker, marketer and relationship building asset that has helped open doors, building industry assets as well as product development. in relocating to California he invested into GenX and CannaRite, our CBD vape line with all natural cannabis derived terpenes.

Joaquin Rodriguez

Our COO, comes from a more corporate focused background with a mixed education of Engineering and Business Economics where he started out working in a laboratory environment for Chevron where he gained valuable experience in opearting lab focused testing equitment , running operational projects, formulations of oils and creating new testing methods for oil.  His drive for success kept him motivated and he started several small companies to gain direct experience of being an entrepreneur and business owner until fate led him to meet Shea in 2012 where his introduction into cannabis business, culture and the science behind it opened the door to a new career.   Having already begun researching the cannabis industry since 2010 this was not by chance, and in 2017 Joaquin joined Shea’s company GenX in an overall operational role. Joaquin adds valuable operating experience, incredible business acumen, adaptive and creative problem solving, focused business strategy as well as being powerful networker.